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The Big Question: if you’re not living in your dream home, then what’s stopping you?

If you dream about a new home with modern design, amenities, and low maintenance, then you owe it to yourself to learn about a powerful alternative to using traditional financing or paying cash to purchase your next home.

Imagine moving into a new neighborhood close to friends and family, with walking paths, a clubhouse, and neighbors just like you…and doing all of this while retaining a large portion of your life savings.

You’re about to discover a little-known strategy that middle income and affluent Boomers like you have been using since 2009 to purchase their dream home. Introducing the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase program, or H4P Program for short.

With this no monthly mortgage payment option, you can double your purchasing power and significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses as compared to paying cash or securing traditional financing.

In essence, you can purchase a $600,000 home for about $304,986 and never have a monthly mortgage payment!*

Some of our clients laugh when they learn about the H4P Program. This is one time when something “sounds too good to be true” but actually delivers on its promise. Some clients cry before discovering the H4P Program because they wouldn’t have had the financial means to live in the home they really want. They would be forced to live in a home that may be too big, with maintenance headaches, and doesn’t offer the ease of one-story living.

Recently we met a couple with modest means of $120,000. They were deeply saddened to learn they didn’t have enough money to purchase a home in a safe and thriving neighborhood. Thank goodness their daughter wasn’t sleep walking through life not paying attention, because she learned about the H4P Program through her financial advisor.

This couple’s tears of disappointment turned to tears of joy when they learned they could purchase their dream home valued at $250,000 with a single payment of $128,486*.

The H4P Program comes at a time when a lot of Boomers are trying to protect their nest egg and boost monthly income. If you’ve been secretly wanting to move into a new or newer home that better meets your lifestyle plan, then your time has finally arrived!

*Youngest borrower age 62. HECM 4.75% FIXED Rate program (6/1/2016) APR 6.76%. Loan becomes due and payable upon a maturity event such as no longer maintaining the home as your primary residence or failure to remain current on property taxes, homeowners  insurance, or condo fees.